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Baloch feudal mindset and CPEC

Posted on May 18, 2018 at 12:00 PM

Baloch feudal Sardars (lords) have been the major opposing element in Balochistan. Due to the higher illiteracy rate, the people of Balochistan follow their sardars orders and their mindset is fixed to deny the uplift of their people either its health, socio-economic aspect, nutrition or other aspects. Baloch Sardars completely control their tribes and ordinary Baloch serve as a servant, work on their lands and property of Baloch lords at a very low cost of earning. Mostly Baloch Sardars are serving as the Chief Ministers and Governors of Balochistan or are the part of National and Provisional assemblies. Despite the heavy allocation of development funds for Education, Water and energy projects, communication infrastructure the Balochistan remained under development process. The reason of underdevelopment process of Balochistan is the allocation of funds that are syphoned off by corrupt politicians and leaders and the second reason is the lack of interest of Baloch sardars for their people because they want an ordinary Baloch person to remain steeped in ignorance.

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a mega project with the development of Gwadar deep-sea port with the total worth of $62 billion and it entails at least sixteen projects. It includes Dera Ismail Khan-Quetta highway (N-50), Basima-Khuzdar highway(N-30) Hubco Coal power plant, Gwadar Nawabshah LNG terminal, Gwadar power plant, Gwadar Eastbay Expressway, Gwadar New International Airport, Gwadar smart city, water treatment plants, Expansion of water terminal including Dredging wastewater and breakwater, Gwadar hospitals development and up-gradation, Gwadar schools infrastructure, Technical and vocational colleges, Gwadar free zone and Freshwater supply in Gwadar.

First Gwadar free Zone was inaugurated on 29 January 2018. It is spread over 60 Acres and the free zone will be operated by Chinese overseas port holding company which has also established the business centre for the handling of operations. This Business Centre will provide a one-window operation for matters including customs, immigration, visa operations and port facilities.

Chinese and Pakistani industries have focused on different industry sectors which include, daily necessities and households appliances, stone processing machinery, fishery and metal processing are the main proposed industries. CPEC will change the fate of Balochistan and its people as it is providing the means of livelihood and quality enhancement, latest technologies deployment and techniques. But unfortunately, Baloch feudal lords would like to deny and stay away from CPEC because they would rather like to see their people stay in darkness, ignorance rather than challenging their authority. Detractors of Pakistan would like to see China-Pakistan Economic Corridor as a failure and tried to destabilise the project and scare the Chinese away. But law enforcing agencies of Pakistan have managed to quell the insurgency as mostly area of Balochistan is under attack by Baloch insurgents. A number of feudal lords of Balochistan are on the payroll of inimical secret services to stir up troubles in Balochistan.

As well these Balochistan feudal lords have proceeded on the self-imposed exile to save their side and create the problematic situation for law enforcing agencies. Even after exile, these Baloch feudal lords are still playing in the hands of Pakistan detractors and have sought asylum in various countries and continue to spread venom against Pakistan and CPEC. Reportedly these Baloch exiled leaders gathered in different countries to destabilise CPEC and voice their concern against CPEC. Last time in Berlin and France these activities were carried out and was organised by European branch of Baloch National Movement (BNM). Dr Zafar Baloch, the leader and organiser of the European branch of Baloch National Movement (BNM) asked Pakistan and China to get out of Balochistan. Mr Zafar Baloch said that Balochistan is not the part of Pakistan and we cannot proceed with Pakistan. So Pakistan has no right to sign an agreement with China to invest in Gwadar or Balochistan.

The fear expressed by Dr Zafar was the fear of massive inflow of migrants from China and across Pakistan which will reduce the Balochistan into minority and no jobs will be offered to Balochistan people. So to destabilize the CPEC, foreign intelligence agencies are operating through Afganistan which carried bomb blasts, targeting killing, suicide attacks, sectarian violence through militant groups to fulfil heinous plans. Some of the Baloch sardars (lords) have been active to denigrate Pakistan and CPEC through social media and false claims of missing persons and claiming human rights transgressions by Pakistan's law enforcement agencies. Some Baloch sardars (lords) found the emerging sight of Pakistan and returned to Pakistan to become the part of the historic change of Balochistan. As well as many Baloch insurgents have surrendered and took the oath to work for the development of Pakistan.

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