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Technology and Development due to CPEC

Posted on May 10, 2018 at 03:00 PM

Initially, China and Pakistan have focused on two main sectors of development: energy and infrastructure with the total investment of $64 billion. $33 billion is being invested only for the energy sector. The roads will come together into one high altitude highway that will cross through Khunjrab and Karakoram mountain range.

In the development of mega and multi-billion dollars project of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), China has started the work on transferring it's high-tech Industrial and commercial technology to Pakistan. Port Qasim is the latest example of high tech transfer which uses the advanced supercritical thermal technology. Port Qasim power plant is expected to generate roughly 4.5 billion units of electricity annually. Port Qasim power plant is the environment-friendly and highly efficient which will reduce the emission of sulphide with the help of limestone-gypsum wet desulphurization technology. It also consumes very less amount of coal as compared to other coal power plants. China Pakistan Economic Corridor is evolving the energy sector by evolving high tech energy generation projects based on wind, hydel and solar technologies which have helped a lot to overcome energy shortages. Pakistan and China have prioritized the energy generation from renewable resources. Pakistan has focused on the agriculture sector and an area of priority for CPEC. The purpose of agriculture is to export agriculture products to China or other countries as much of the land of China is not productive. The demand for food and other products has increased and further, it will increase the productivity of agriculture sector.

New technologies are evolving day by day and it demands new jobs in this field of the new era. It will create about 7 million jobs are created. Currently, 60000 Pakistanis are already working in Chinese financed and China managed projects in CPEC. New technologies are being embedded in CPEC projects and China will help Pakistan to seek assistance in new technologies development. The United States National Science Foundation has released a biennial report which shows a great deal on technological trends and shows the development of China in the technology sector and it is the second largest "Research and Development" (R&D) spender in the world spending nearly $2 trillion. This is one of the findings that should be of preference to policymakers in Pakistan. Pakistan needs to train its people due to growing population with the help of domestic and foreign institutions. china has focused on its technology and technical workforce which shows huge development from 2002 to 2014 the number of engineering and science graduates increased from 359,000 to 1.65 million.

Since the Chinese government is heavenly involved in selecting the areas of development and concentration which are telecommunication, Artificial intelligence, hybrid cars, robotics and renewable energy. Some of these areas of development should be selected by the Pakistani government. Under CPEC umbrella Chinese have introduced new technologies and techniques of latest wire cutting in granite and marble extraction which will help to reduce the wastage of marble caused by conventional methods. It will allow world-class export-oriented material in Pakistan and offer backwards linkages based on innovation and industrial development. China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and macroeconomic outlook have increased the production of the steel industry to expand their manufacturing plants.

Special Economic Zones (SEZs) under CPEC are the gateway and huge platform of innovation and development. Smart cities inculcating the environment for innovation in Pakistan through offering high tech products and deployments of machinery related to advance technology in which it will use drones to sprinkle pesticides spray.

It is a pyramid of huge projects covering vast areas including the infrastructure, energy, real estate, machinery, Communication system, tourism and upgradition of existing industries to meet international standards. In the present world of knowledge and competition, no country can survive without investing in technology and science. China has also emphasized that Pakistan should emerge and prosper as an independent country and economy rather than depending on other countries in technology sector even China.

In developing this human resource and technology sector, Pakistan policymakers should focus on meeting domestic needs as well as international needs of human resource. It's the era of competition and development and it's really important to meet the requirements of the new era. Now Pakistan has realised and focused to invest in research and development to develop the country which should be technologically more advanced and competitor of any other country. Foreign direct investment from the interesting countries of the world to invest in Pakistan or even China may bring the positive role to boost the economy of Pakistan.

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