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CPEC could be an East India Company

Posted on June 18, 2018 at 01:00 PM

Lawmakers fro Upper house of Pakistan shared their views that national interests of Pakistan are not being protected. Senator Tahir Mashhadi admired the friendship of Pakistan and China but the interests of Pakistan should be clearly discussed and should become first. Further, he said that the government of Pakistan is not protecting the basic rights and interests of the people.

The East India company was launched in Sub-continent for the trading purpose and behind the trading purpose Britain people deployed their forces and it showed the British colonial presence in the subcontinent. Britain eventually gains power and overthrown the Mughals who ruled Sub Continent for 600 years.
Following a brief discussion by Planning Commission Secretary Yousaf Nadeem Khokhar and other Committee members raised their voice and asked the government to finance locally for CPEC projects, instead of funding from Chinese or other foreign countries for investment. Committee also discussed the major issue of fixing of power tariff for China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) power projects started by the Chinese government.

Only three Pakistan Muslim League N were present at the meeting but most of this criticism went unanswered. the meeting was briefed that a major portion of the CPEC is dependant on local finances rather than Chinese investment.
The Committee also discussed to fully fund CPEC and to bear the entire burden of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), and either CPEC will be a national development or a national calamity. But whatever loans we have taken from China will be paid by the poor people of Pakistan.
Committee also discussed energy projects of CPEC, the planning commission secretary said that Matiari-Lahore transmission line project is not scrapped but it is under progress by its Chinese sponsors.

A tariff was approved by National Energy Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), while govt private power infrastructure board filed the petition against in order to discuss the sponsor's concerns.
Committee discussed that National Energy Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), had fixed the tariff for 71 paisas per unit while Chinese investors are asking for 95 paisas per unit.
The secretary of energy also informed the committee that Gaddani power plant complex had been shelved due to lack of a dedicated jetty. He also briefed that 6000 MW project was not part of the CPEC.
Member of the committee Senator Kakar said that this project was not part of CPEC and Chinese ambassador claimed that Gaddani power plant had not been scrapped and still is part of CPEC. Mr Kakar said that why this project is being counted in our account which does not even exist.
Further, Mr Kakar said that infrastructure being established will only benefit China, Punjab and KPK, not the local community. The people of Balochistan will only benefit is only " water supply", he said no electricity or railway projects had been planned for Balochistan under CPEC.
in the meeting minister for planning and development, Ahsan Iqbal was not present in the meeting, the members of Committee urged to make sure the presence of Ahsan Iqbal in the meeting to discuss important issues.
Senator Siraj ul Haq, Emir of Jamat e Islami said that like other parts of the country, AJK and FATA were also neglected and there is nothing for these two areas. The committee suggested building a 35 km long road to connect with AJK for the people of AJK to take benefit.

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