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CPEC, Gwadar and Pakistan

Posted on May 22, 2018 at 01:00 PM

Gwadar Port is one of the top four priorities of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) including Gwadar mega projects as Gwadar International Airport, Eastbay Expressway and Gwadar special Economic Zones. If CPEC project is completed on time and Gwadar port becomes fully operational an international port it will change the fortune of Pakistan and Balochistan.

Balochistan impoverished Piece of land|| Stands Business hub of Country:

Pakistan will be linked with its neighbouring countries via Gwadar port. Investors and builders have curved their future projects and held their positions to take the full advantage. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor converting Gwadar into business hub said to be largest projects in Beijing's OneBelt-OneRoad (OBOR) comprising a network of sea routes and roads covering 65 countries. Gwadar port project includes Free trade and special economic zone covering 50 kilometres of dock space and deepwater port. Gwadar port was unknown to the world until China visited and found it full of potential. Fact is that trembling history of Gwadar is on the right path and if it continues to do so, immense success and great development is the prediction for this part of Pakistan.

Gwadar to be Shanghai of Arabian Sea:

Shanghai is one of the international transport hub and global financial centre with world's busiest container port. According to a survey, there was no other city which could compete the superiority or greatness but Gwadar port is to capture the world's trading industry. CPEC will be a game changer into the region which could make Pakistan more richer and stronger entity. Due to CPEC, Gwadar port is a well-known harbour to the outer world as it is going to be a great economical and Industrial shift in the coming years. So competing for shanghai Gwadar port is declared as Shanghai of Arabian sea. Gwadar port has gained all its importance due to trade and favourable port location as well as economic potential.

Pakistan Climbing up the ladder of the world economy with CPEC:

According to the Forbes report, Pakistan improved its ranking 115th out of 137 countries. Not only Pakistan crawls out of the bottom 20 in Global Competitiveness Index. Pakistan is rapidly improving its position according to WEF report. According to WEF report, Pakistan improved 82 key indices as well 20 indices Pakistan lost its previous position and it is quite satisfactory. Potentials and resources are being utilized to grab the opportunities

The Chinese language growing the popularity:

NUML started the Chinese language to Pakistani students in September 1970 and with the passage of time, it was observed a great shift of interest an thousands of students learned Mandarin. Now Pakistani government has initiated Chinese learning program in different government and semi-government institutes. China has also opened different coaching centres for Chinese learning programs. Sources suggested that enrollment has doubled since last few years. This growing interest is great for building a strong relationship and harmony as both nations are supposed to achieve the high rate of success.

More Routes to be built under CPEC:

Chairman National Highway Authority mentioned and discussed three more highways under CPEC. These highways will be constructed under the budget of CPEC. These highways projects are GilgitShandur- Chitral with the total length of 364 Km, Nukundi-Mushkel-Panjgur with the total length of 90Km and Mirpur-Muzaffarabad -Mansehra with the total length of 228K m. A number of other important projects including Shorkot-Khanewal (65km), Lahore-AbdulHakim Motorway (230Km), Gojra-Shorkot, Sukkur-Multan Motorway and Dera Ismail-Hakla section (285) will be completed until June 2018.

CPEC offers regional, global economic opportunities:

CPEC will enhance the trade between Pakistan and China to reach about $15 billion in future. Pakistan's economic growth is a major issue for Government without Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and relevant technology transfer. China has generously offered to finance the cost of Karachi Nuclear plant of 2100 megawatt, construction of Gwadar international airport, Gwadar port, JF-17 thunder and eight conventional submarines to Pakistan. Importantly it should be noted that CPEC is not a road infrastructure but also the development of telecommunications and Energy sector. The CPEC will boost the tourism industry and bring unprecedented economic rewards for the agriculture sector of Pakistan.

Real Estate boom in Gwadar, Pakistan:

The real estate market is an important sector of economic growth, and have the higher rate of returns. CPEC projects are to create one million jobs in various sectors of Pakistan. Sources in Pakistan agree that it's going to cause a boom in real estate and property markets. With the recent enterprise stakeholders opinions, CPEC has been a fast upward thrust in real estate market in suburban and rural areas. So it caused huge FDI in the acquisition of commercial and residential plots. Gwadar real estate is termed as gold mine due to its increasing value. Currently Gwadar Real estate market has following investment options: Residential Property Commercial Property Industrial Property Open land Gwadar is the land of opportunities and offers a leading edge to the business. Therefore, investment opportunities in Gwadar are secured and highly profitable.

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