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A Tale of Two Ports:CPEC & Chabahar Port

Posted on November 8, 2018 at 03:00 PM

The geo-strategic situation of Pakistan and its neighbours is changing rapidly, which define that economical strong countries are redefining their roles in the region to achieve more benefits. So it changed the loyalties of countries and new alliances of countries are being formed. New alliances are coming strong as the nations at the regional and global levels. The purpose defined by these alliances to benefit their economic, political and other interests. Pakistan's and China signing of China Pakistan Economic Corridor is an achievement of economic cooperation between two countries. Gwadar defines the strategic warm water deep sea port which will be the fully operational whole year. It is located in the southwestern coast of Balochistan. It defines the geographic centre of gravity of CPEC. The strategic location of Gwadar port is very important which is located at the junction of the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea by its proximity and gateway to the "Strait of Hormuz"; which is a key maritime route to Oil riched regions.

The distance of Gwadar port from Karachi is approximately 650 Kilometres and about 75 kilometres from Iranian port Chabahar. Gwadar port is connected with Kashgar city of China with the land distance of 2500 kilometres through Karakoram highway in Pakistan. China is heavily dependent on Gulf countries which import about 60% of the Gulf oil for which ships have to cover the total distance of 16000 kilometres to its commercial seaport of Chinghai which passes through Pacific and Indian Oceans which takes about 3 months to reach the port.

Gwadar port is a blessing for China which provides a safe and secure route to China which substantially reduce the distance and time to transport from the Persian Gulf to China. It also makes sure the continuous trade of China through all weather situations and conditions whole year. This route also provides the opportunity to China to facilitate China to use this route exporting its goods to the Middle East Countries. It is the main reason that China is providing 80% of the total cost of Gwadar port. Pakistan is interested to provide the naval base to China for its security purposes. USA and India anguish about this deployment and desire to sabotage this project

The Chahbahar port is Iran's southernmost port situated on the The Gulf of Oman which provides the best access point to the Indian Ocean. Basically, it is the part of Iranian City "Seestan" Balochistan province which connects border with Balochistan. Iran has planned to use the Chahbahar port for transhipment to Afghanistan and Central Asian Republics (CAR) whereas it desires to keep the port Bandar Abbas operational for trade with Russia and Europe.

Chahbahar port is connected to Iran's National Highways and Motorways and railway track are being developed. Iran with the agreement of Chahbahar port development with India means it is facilitating to India to access the oil and gas resources of Iran and Central Asian Republics (CAR). Approximately India has invested an amount of $85 million for the infrastructure and development of Gwadar port which will access central Asia through the Milak City of Iran, Ziranj city of Afghanistan roads. India is already developing Dilaram and Zaranj roads in Afghanistan which will connect Central Asia with the Middle East. India also planned to connect Oil resources of Turkmenistan by laying a pipeline through Afghanistan to Iran.

So, this plan will bypass Pakistan which provides the shorter path which proposed the project of TAPI (Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India) for transporting the gas through the Caspian Sea gas resources through to India. While both countries Pakistan and India trying to undermine each other. On the other hand, Gwadar port holds an edge over Chahbahar port to dominate the maritime waters, utility, accommodation of ships, Depth of seawater and its proximity to China.

Afghanistan is the partner in the Chahbahar Indian trade agreement and hold of Afghanistan is over 30% while Mujahideen hols 70% charge of Afghanistan. Mujahideen don't have interest in India whereas Pakistan has the major connections with Tribal groups and have the influence on them. So, India is afraid to be subjected to their attacks. So India wants to sabotage CPEC project, the recent arrest of Indian Navy Commander Kalbhoshan who was planted by RAW for this purpose.

Pakistan has a longstanding friendship with China. Pakistan and China have worked in many projects either its social, economic, military and power projects. And on another hand, Iran has an ancient history with Pakistan and not interested to sabotage any CPEC project.

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