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Gwadar Investment Opportunities

Psoted on December 09, 2017 at 12:00 PM

Where to invest in Gwadar

Investment opportunities in the port city of Gwadar have a win-win situation. A number of opportunities and business circles are waiting to invest in the under construction China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and free trade zones in Gwadar. For the foreign investors, it has a charming potential to connect the investors with three other continents. For the investors and businessmen, the Gwadar is administrated by four government sectors namely the Gwadar Port Administration, Gwadar development administration, the District Council and Deputy Commissioner.

By planning of 2030, the residential population of Gwadar port city will be reached 500,000. In next two to three decades, Gwadar port city will develop new industries like iron and steel manufacturing, petrochemical works, automobile assembly, transportation, cement and building materials, Technology and Real estate. Gwadar port city is continuously under construction, as it has geostrategic location and importance so new projects are under construction and will soon be built as Airport, schools, coal-based power-plant, an urban light-rail transit system, sports center and hospitals. Gwadar can be judged that 18 million tons of oil is transferred via the Gwadar port on daily basis. In order to promote investment, an economic zone with the radius of 30 km is under construction. In cooperation and free trade agreements signed by Pakistan, Iran, Saudia, Oman and Chinese products will enter the market without the payment of duty after being packaged in free trade zone. The government has also reserved 3000 acres of land for development of Gwadar industrial estate to meet the demand of industrial plots.

Future of Business in Gwadar

  • 1) The list of energy sector projects is calculated a total capacity of 10400 MW of power generation with the estimated cost of $15,506 million. Thermal, hydropower and wind power projects have a potential to invest.
  • 2) The real estate business in Gwadar is a good investment. Real estate business is at the boom in Gwadar due to the interest of foreign investors in Gwadar and CPEC.
  • 3) As well automobile industry is export-driven industry and has lucrative investment opportunities for foreign investors. Pakistan automobile industry is dominated by Japanese and Korean companies like Suzuki, Honda, and Toyota. Chinese investors showed interest and are in negotiations with Pakistan to start assembly operations in the Gwadar port. So, automobile industry required training institutions and labor force for the industry. It will create more jobs and opportunities in Gwadar.
Gwadar offers major projects, medium projects and small projects to invest for private investors.

  • 4) Major Projects offers:
  • Fishing and shipping agencies
  • Goods and transportation services
  • Large-scale residential schemes and hotels
  • Schools and Hospitals
  • Oil terminals
  • Electric power generation
  • Warehousing
  • Export-oriented industries
  • 5) Medium Size projects for investors:
  • Hotels play lands, boat services
  • Superstores and Markets
  • Best opportunity for private security agencies
  • Due to local area advantage Poultry, dairy farm fruits and vegetables can be grown
  • Warehouses, Energy and LPG sectors
  • 6) Small-scale projects:
  • Restaurants, shops and minicab services
  • Medical units
  • Law firms and chambers
  • Contractors and Town planners
  • Fish meal factory

Development of free trade zone and export zone will open the doors for investment and development of Small, Medium and large-scale industries. As the development of Gwadar port also have the opportunity for Communication sector. .

Pakistan has a bright future for investors and a leading edge of the business. Investment in Pakistan will give a major boost to Pakistan and investor's..

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Finding it informative about the history of Gwadar, short and to the point information. Nice
Ahmad Zaidi
It was a landmark step to purchase the gwadar from Oman in the era of General Ayub Khan. may it prosper for more.