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Gwadar Port Turning Pakistan into Regional Giant

Posted on April 25, 2018 at 02:00 PM

Gwadar, Port Pakistan is an undefined and unprecedented China construction and financial effort that is rapidly developing the geostrategic location of Pakistan and Gwadar port into world largest transit and transhipment cargo services. Gwadar port is surrounded at the convergence of three of the most important and geographically the most commercially important areas of the world

  • Central Asia
  • The rich Middle East
  • South Asia
  • China is developing Gwadar port as part of (CPEC) China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. China and Pakistan started the joint venture in 2015 and launched 15 years joint mega-project that will be completed in 2030. Under the joint venture of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and One-Belt-One-Road (OBOR), China and Pakistan agreed on the construction and development of highways, pipelines, telecommunication, power plant, up-gradation of the railway system, pipelines, railways and industrial zones are under development with the total investment of $64 billion. This investment will be increased to $100 billion.

    The purpose of CPEC is to connect landlocked Western China and including its majority Xinjiang region. As well it provides the shortest path and access secure route through Pakistan to China and global trade. The total distance from Gwadar port to China will be covered in 3000 km and the distance covered by sea route cover is approximately 5000 km which is double of CPEC route. Gwadar port also provides the shortest route to landlocked to Central Asian Countries including Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan through transit trade and offering transhipment facilities.

    Qualitative and Quantitative Change

    Gwadar port is able to handle about one million tons of cargo annually and an estimate of one million will be covered at the end of this month. According to the research, Gwadar port will become south Aisa's biggest shipping centre within five years and with the yearly capacity of handling 13 million tons of cargo and at the end of 2030 Gwadar port will be able to handle about 400 million tons of cargo annually. China is interested to involve other countries to invest in Gwadar and China has begun calling CPEC flagship project of its global belt and road initiative (BRI).

    According to Early Harvest Program (EHP) out of 39 programs under CPEC, 19 projects have been completed with the total investment of $29billion.

    Pakistani Government dismissed the concerns that skilled Chinese labourers, businessmen and engineers will replace Pakistani local industries. the Pakistani government assured that 65% labour force is currently working on construction and other projects of CPEC at Gwadar.

    Pakistan and China concern on Security issues and makes sure to handle it properly as well to handle India's claims over some of the territory crossed by Gilgit Baltistan and remains challenges for Gwadar and CPEC. Chinese government dismissed reports that China is expanding its presence at Gwadar to handle military transport planes and naval ships.

    The collaboration of Pakistan and China has no "Political or strategic" plan against any third country. The Chinese foreign minister cleared that the purpose of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is to help our iron brother Pakistan and to improve and strengthen its economy and bilateral relations. Pakistani government deployed 15,000 troops and paramilitary forces for the protection of CPEC route and its projects. Pakistan alleges that Indian Intelligence agency (RAW) has been tasked to derail CPEC and its projects.

    Gwadar " Fishing Town"

    The population of Gwadar is approximately 100,000 and mostly are fisherman or boat makers. Due to development of Gwadar port, the fishermen are expecting employment opportunities. But the minor issues are the shortage of clean drinking water and daily long hours daily blackouts. The Balochistan government thanked Chinese government for investment in Gwadar and developing hospitals, schools and roads and linking Gwadar to the advanced technologies and modern cities to develop it according to emerging era. As well educational and vocational institute is under construction, 3oo Mw coal-based power plant and desalination plant are being installed. A new international airport and six-lane international expressway are under construction. The projects in Gwadar and elsewhere in Pakistan under CPEC are being built with interest-free and soft loans.

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