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Opportunities and Jobs in CPEC.

Posted on December 06, 2017 at 1:00 PM

CPEC is a fusion of China's vision "One Belt and One Road" as well Pakistan's vision 2025. CPEC will allow Pakistan to become a trade zone between Asia, South Asia and Central Asia. Attracting major countries will allow Pakistan for better opportunities and Jobs in CPEC. CPEC offers four major development components (i) Energy Projects (ii) Infrastructure Projects (iii) Gwadar Port (iv) Industrial and Economic Zones. Construction on Gwadar of a 10 Sq. Km industrial free zone is underway and will be able to create over 40,000 jobs in CPEC. Port Qasim coal-fired power project offered 260 young and dynamic engineers for construction and development.

Construction on Gwadar of a 10 Sq. Km industrial free zone is underway and will be able to create over 40,000 jobs in CPEC. Port Qasim coal-fired power project offered 260 young and dynamic engineers for construction and development.

Jobs in CPEC

Sr.NoSectorNo of ProjectsEst Cost(Million)

Construction of the industrial free zone is underway at a cost of $2 billion where Chinese, Middle East, European and Pakistani investors have planned to establish 300 factories for different products manufacturing. These projects offer historical investments in infrastructure which lead to better opportunities for business investors and more jobs in CPEC 2018 projects.

The importance of CPEC is increased and China has been increasing the investment in infrastructure Power projects since it unveiled CPEC programme from $46 billion to $62 billion investment. CPEC is going to increase the importance as well opportunities as a major chunk of investment, $34 billion is going into electricity production and distribution. China had become one of the world’s economic power by investing in projects like highways, railways, power production and gas lines. The private sectors of China are also investing in Pakistan and volume of China's investment in Pakistan is increased higher than $62 billion.

Other countries like Qatar, Oman, Russia, Saudi Arabia and UAE are keen to become part of CPEC projects. The major interest of these countries is investing in industrial zones. Through the interest of other countries, information technology firms from across the world have arrived in Pakistan as each and every project under CPEC would need IT assistance. The successful implementation of CPEC would offer Pakistan access to central Asian states- Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan — Russian Federation and Europe through China. It will increase the Logistics industry, Trucking and Import export of Pakistan. It will increase the opportunities and Jobs in CPEC.

CPEC infrastructure certainly boosts Pakistan tourism industry. It has the bright future and unprecedented economic rewards for the agriculture sector of Pakistan. The agriculture sectors will help to provide opportunities in agrochemicals, pesticides, seeds and fertilizers which will increase the production of crops in Pakistan.

01Industrial Cooperation and consultancy
02Financial Cooperation and consultancy
03Agricultural Cooperation and consultancy
04Health Care
05Tourism and hotel management
06Educational linkage
07Human resource development (HR)
08People to people contact
09Increase in livelihood opportunities
10Enhance Security and stability of the region

Pakistan credit rating agency has rated these projects as well the establishment of power projects that will help to overcome shortage and positive role in economic growth of 7% in next two to three years.

In future new business and employment opportunities will be created with the completion of China Pakistan economic corridor. According to the Govt officials from 2014 to 2030, 7 million jobs will be created in CPEC projects. The minister of state for communications said that 10000 jobs will be offered in National Highways and Motorways Police (NH&MP) in the near future for the additional responsibilities to be handed over under China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Economists believe that jobs in CPEC will be multiplier effect and volume of investment will increase, specifically in real estate. Pakistan is about to gain more from these opportunities as there would be a noteworthy increase in annual growth of the country.

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